City of Eden Beautification Organization

The City of Eden Beautification Organization is under the aegis of and derives its funding from the City of Eden. The stated purpose under the bylaws is:

  1. To enhance and encourage the preservation of Eden’s natural beauty and environment. 

  2. To develop among residents of Eden a pride in their community and to emphasize the benefits of a clean and beautiful city

  3. To encourage volunteerism in developing community improvement.  This Organization consists of nine (9) members who serve two (2) year terms  

Prior accomplishments of this Organization include the Welcome to Eden Signs, the ten light posts on Rudder Square that each have four electrical plugs, the marble marker on the square in the shape of Texas, the north entrance to Lee Pfluger Park, assisting with the costs and labor for Christmas decorating, and many improvements to the Concho Springs Golf Course such as landscaping and water systems, nineteen sizable clay pots filled with a variety of plants that were dispersed around the square, assisting with the cost of dumpsters for clean-up campaigns, flower seeds, painting the gazebo, street banners, planters and a bench for the front of The Don Freeman Memorial Museum, outline lighting for the businesses around the square, funding for incentives for groups who participate in spring clean-up projects, and congratulatory yard signs.