Board of Adjustments

City appointed to hear zoning appeals

Contact: City Secretary, 869-2211

Bulldog Boosters

Supporters for Eden CISD extracurricular activities

Contact: Alease Ogle, 456-0114

Business oriented organization to boost Eden commerce

Contact: Chamber office at 869-EDEN

City Council

Elected Council to manage/oversee City matters & assets.

Contact: Mayor Eddy Markham, 869-2211

Concho County Extension Service

County Programs

Contact: Milissa Wright, (325) 732-4304

Concho County Hospital District Board

Elected Board to manage and oversee CCHD matters

Contact: Brian Lady, Hospital Director, 869-5911

Concho County Hospital Women's Auxiliary

Volunteers who support CCH and organize "PAL" alert system

Contact: Elizabeth Eureste, President

Concho County Lions Club

Local volunteer chapter

Contact: A.J. Dolle, (325) 869-5717

501(c)3 organization of volunteers to promote rodeo/equine events and activities

Contact: Ray Dockery, President (325) 469-3765 or (325) 456-9368

Economic Development Board

City appointed Board to oversee and manage 1/2 cent sales tax revenues

Contact: Economic Development Coordinator, 869-2211

Eden Ambassadors

High school students assisting with various community activities

Contact: Heather McCulloch, 656-3758

Eden Beautification Organization

City appointed to manage and oversee beautification efforts within city budget

Contact: City Secretary, 869-2211, or Teresa Escue, 450-7279

Eden Community Child Care Center Board

Oversees operations of the non-profit organization

Contact: Laura Bowden, Director, 869-5551

Eden CISD Board

Elected School District board

Contact: ECISD Superintendent, 869-4121

Eden Golf Association

Organization of volunteers to promote and support Concho Springs Golf Course

Contact: Concho Springs Golf Course, 869-8180

Eden Historical Preservation Association

Operates/manages assets of Freeman Museum and local history

Contact: Carolyn Moody, Museum Curator, 869-8803

Eden Housing Authority Board

Oversees housing authority operations

Contact: Julie Cox, Eden Housing Authority, 869-6491

Eden Public Library Board

Oversees operations of the library

Contact: Tanya Garcia, Librarian, 869-7761

Eden Recreational Association

Volunteers to oversee/conduct adult/youth baseball/softball activities

Contact: Prissy Aquirre, 234-6287 or Tanda Robbins, 869-0145

Eden Volunteer Fire Department & Women's Auxiliary

Volunteer Firemen

Contact: Salvador Fuentes, Fire Chief, 456-1400

Eden VFW & Women's Auxiliary

Local Chapter

Contact: Kay Pfluger, 869-7531

Frontera Healthcare Board

Oversees operations of clinics in Concho, Menard, and Mason Counties

Contact: Cam Kleibrink, Executive Director, 869-5500

Planning & Zoning Commission

City Appointed board to assist with zoning matters

Contact: City Secretary, 869-2211

Spirit of Eden Board

Board to manage and oversee activities of the Spirit of Eden Fund, a local 501(c)3 non-profit corporation

Contact: Wade Ellison, Secretary

Time Out Club

Educational/info gathering ladies group

Contact: Glenda Miller, Treasurer

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