We're looking for a few good men, women, and children to help the Eden Public Library continue to improve and serve our great community.  Through membership donations and fundraisers, our staff is able to add to our children's book collection, update our technology, and expand our video selection.


Because we are committed to staying current in our services, our staff members attend workshops based on meeting the needs of small-town libraries.  Contributions from individuals, families, and businesses are invaluable in maintaining the programs that the community has learned to count on and enjoy.


Thank you for your patronage and financial support in the past and we look forward to serving you in the future!


The purpose of the Friends of the Eden Public Library is to sustain and expand the activities and influence of the library in our community.

The Friends of the Library are not involved in the day-to-day operations of the library, but through their time and financial support, they contribute greatly to the goals of community education and outreach of the Eden Public Library.


​If you feel that our public library is an integral part of our vibrant community, then The Friends of the Eden Public Library may be for you.  As a Friend of the Eden Public Library, you can give your time in support of our various activities which the library sponsors or you can be a silent contributor simply by giving financial support to the Eden Public Library.  Either way, the Eden Public Library greatly appreciates your support.


Tanya Garcia, Librarian

Teresa Escue, Board Chairman

Claire Rucker, Co-Chairman

Wanda Sperry, Reporter

Della Rannefeld, Treasurer

Fred Escue, Secretary 

Wanda Sperry, Memorials


Eden Public Library
117 Market Street
P. O. Box 896
Eden, TX 76837-0896
 (325) 869-7761       Fax: (325) 869-8212

  • Summer Story Hour for Children

  • Summer Reading Program for Children

  • September Annual Eden Fall Fest

  • Providing books and projects for the senior citizens of our community

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