Meeting Time and Place
7:00 p.m. on the Second Tuesday of each month
Eden City Hall
120 Paint Rock Street

Mayor and City Council


Agapito Torres

Eden City Council

Jennifer Martinez, Mayor Pro Tempore

Pricilla Saiz-Aguirre

Grover Hall

Bradley Gandy


W. T. Molloy 1911-1915

J.R. McVay 1915-1917

W. T. Molloy 1917-1923

G. B. McAllister, Jr. 1923-1926 

Haywood Miller 1926-1931

E. L. Martin 1931-1933

G. F. Harper 1933-1934

Cecil Skaggs 1934-1938

Walter F. Pfluger 1938-1942

M. J. Green 1942-1946

Walter F. Pfluger 1946-1948

C. E. Harris 1948-1956

C. E. Champion 1956-1958

M. J. Green 1958-1964

Robert E. Burns 1964-1976

Donald W. Johnson 1976-1980

Marilyn Siler 1980-1984

James C. Schumann 1984-1986

Cody Meyer 1986-1986

Chas. B. Jennings 1986-1987

Thomas F. Kelso 1987-1990

James C. Schumann 1990-1994

Thomas F. Kelso 1994-2002

Charlie Rodgers Jr. 2002-2008

Eugene Spann 2008-2012

Eddy Markham 2012-2018

Agapito Torres 2018-Present

Former Mayors