Meeting Time and Place
7:00 p.m. on the Second Tuesday of each month
Eden City Hall
120 Paint Rock Street

Mayor and City Council


Agapito Torres

Eden City Council

Eddy Markham, Mayor Pro Tempore

Jennifer Torres

Luz Saavedra

Angela Quiroz-Regalado

Don "Butch" Williams


W. T. Molloy 1911-1915

J.R. McVay 1915-1917

W. T. Molloy 1917-1923

G. B. McAllister, Jr. 1923-1926 

Haywood Miller 1926-1931

E. L. Martin 1931-1933

G. F. Harper 1933-1934

Cecil Skaggs 1934-1938

Walter F. Pfluger 1938-1942

M. J. Green 1942-1946

Walter F. Pfluger 1946-1948

C. E. Harris 1948-1956

C. E. Champion 1956-1958

M. J. Green 1958-1964

Robert E. Burns 1964-1976

Donald W. Johnson 1976-1980

Marilyn Siler 1980-1984

James C. Schumann 1984-1986

Cody Meyer 1986-1986

Chas. B. Jennings 1986-1987

Thomas F. Kelso 1987-1990

James C. Schumann 1990-1994

Thomas F. Kelso 1994-2002

Charlie Rodgers Jr. 2002-2008

Eugene Spann 2008-2012

Eddy Markham 2012-2018

Former Mayors

Eden City Hall

120 Paint Rock Road
Eden, Texas 76837

(325) 869-2211

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