James Earl Rudder Memorial Park

A special event in Eden on September 8, 2007 rededicated the park that honors the man for whom it was named. A sign proclaiming the name of the park was long over due. Eden Heritage Preservation Association sponsored the project to correct that oversight.

On Memorial Day, 1970, Eden’s Earl Rudder Memorial Day Committee held dedicatory services of Earl Rudder Memorial Park and the plaque honoring the late Gen. Rudder, a native of Eden.

It was truly an auspicious occasion. A roll call honoring all deceased Concho County veterans was read against a back drop of small wooden crosses covering a large expanse of the park. Wreaths were placed at the foot of a large cross. The memorial plaque honoring Eden’s own General Earl Rudder was dedicated and unveiled.  The principal address was given by Alvin R. Luedecke, acting president of the Texas A&M University System and Clyde H. Wells, president of its Board of Directors dedicated the marker.

On September the 8th at Eden City Hall Council Chambers, we shall memorialize those who died in the service of their country and express again our thanks to those who came home. As long as there are veterans in our midst we cannot forget the service they performed and are performing today to protect the freedoms we enjoy.

Our founding fathers guaranteed rights and privileges unheard of prior to that hot summer of 1787 in Philadelphia. They persevered in their grand experiment that resulted in that most remarkable document, the United States Constitution.